A downloadable visual novel

The Voigt family comes together for a rare gathering in a mansion in the mountains. However, tensions between family members quickly turn things sour. It doesn't get any better when a murder occurs.

Who will make it out alive?


- A total length of over 150 000 words

- Choose between four character paths: outspoken Evelyn, even-tempered Oswald, careful Charlotte or ambitious Leonard

- Each character's path unfolds differently, with unique events and choices. Pick carefully or you may find yourself at a dead end!

- Over 50 event images bring the story to life

!Please note that this visual novel contains depictions/mentions of violence, murder, abuse, suicide and other sensitive topics.
Reader discretion is advised. By downloading the files you agree that you are prepared to, and fit to, view such content!

Install instructions

Download the respective file for your system. Unzip the file and run Beneath-a-Broken-Mirror.exe/the mac equivalent. Enjoy!



Development log


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